The Music Dissectors Episode 5 – Jill Sobule / Court And Spark

This episode we catch up with Jill Sobule, a massively respected musician with a great catalogue of songs under her belt. Jill talks about Joni Mitchell’s Court and Spark and we take the opportunity to talk a little about her own career and ongoing work.

Our guest: Jill Sobule – musician   (Jill on Facebook)

Album chosen: Court And Spark by Joni Mitchell (1974) (WebsiteFacebook — Spotify — iTunes)

Links from the show discussion:

1. Jill’s song on: Our America Back

2. X’s John Doe sings Joni Mitchell

3. Joni Mitchell talks about Bob Dylan and confirms he fell asleep listening to Court and Park

4. Joni Mitchell live at Red Rocks

5. Bette Midler’s version of Twisted

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